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What is the difference between roof repair, roof replacement and roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof and is usually less time consuming than a repairs or replacement.

A repair can often be more complex than a cleaning because it usually fixes a small problem with a roof, such as repairing a leak. Roof replacement is the costliest option. It involves removing an entire roof and replacing it with a brand new one. Although, there is quite a bit more that goes into it.

What is the cost of a roof cleaning and restoration?

According to estimates from several roof restoration companies, an average-sized home in the U.S. will cost around $2,500 for a complete roof restoration. The price for a roof restoration is usually per square foot. In some cases, the price per square foot may drop for larger areas. You can expect to pay around $4,500 and even up to $11,000 for very large homes.
The price of your purchase could also be affected by other factors, such as:
It is a good idea for you to get several quotes from different roofing contractors or companies. It is important to clearly describe the roof and what you need done.

These figures can be used as a guideline for roof cleaning research. However, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes so you can compare the costs. This is due to the fact that construction costs are rising because of economic conditions. The recent shortage in materials and highly skilled tradespeople have caused prices to increase. There is also a high demand for renovating work. Contact Blue Star Roofing, Inc, below for a professional estimate.

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