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Are you searching “best Florida roof repair near me” to help with your Orlando roof repair, you’ve come to the right place if so. Blue Star Roofing, Inc. is well-known for providing superior roofing services.

We not only show professionalism in customer service but also excel at craftsmanship. Our expert repair specialists only use the highest quality roofing products. Let’s see if our home roof repair service is right to you.


When severe storms hit, the weather in Orlando can cause problems for residents and the structural components of their homes.
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Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks can be caused by loose or cracked roofing materials and even the smallest punctures. These water spots can cause unsightly water spots on your ceilings and lead to mold growth in your attic. This could also compromise your roof’s integrity over time. You must immediately address any roof leaks. Be sure to call a professional roofing repair company. This is not a DIY project.

Roof Wind Damage Repair

Strong winds can also be a source that causes roof damage. The granules that are above the shingle can wear down if they are exposed to high winds over time. Heavy gusts can loosen and eventually blow shingles right off. Your house may be exposed to debris like tree limbs and other objects that can cause damage to your roof resulting in the need for a Roof Repair estimate. 

Debris can cause roof damage

Debris can cause roof damage, such as cracked or missing shingles. This causes roofing materials to become brittle and reduce their durability. If not dealt with promptly, it may lead to roof leaks that could cause severe damage. Search “Roof Repair Near Me” online for a list of Orlando Roof Leak Repair Companies.

Roof leaks in Orlando cause extensive damage to plywood

To avoid wood rot, homeowners need to hire a professional roofing company to provide roofing repair or roof cleaning.


You may be wondering if you need a roof replacement or repair if you have any of these issues. Many homeowners are afraid that when they call an Orlando roofing contractor they will be pressured to choose full roof replacement, regardless of whether or not it is necessary.

Sometimes roofing systems are beyond repair. On the other hand, roofing systems can sometimes be repaired, but continuous maintenance will end up costing more than a roof replacement. We recommend that customers consider a complete roof replacement in such situations. We only recommend full roof replacement when it is absolutely necessary.

We will first consider whether of not we can repair your roof and restore it to its original functionality. We will advise you on preventative Orlando roof maintenance such as roof coatings to prolong the life of your repairs.

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Our expert team of roofers have years of experience in a variety of complex roofing projects. We are familiar with a wide range of roofing materials and roof types. These include flat and low-slope roofing, concrete and clay tiles roofs as well as asphalt shingle roofs and cool roofing systems.


There is always one question when it comes to Orlando roofing services. What will it cost to repair your roof? Cost of roof repair will vary depending on many factors, including:
However, the fact that the cost of roofing will vary does not mean that you shouldn’t have a rough idea before you start working with a company. We get that. That is why we will inspect your roof and give you a no-obligation estimate on our recommended roofing repairs services.


When people are in need of emergency roof repair services in Orlando, they should not have to settle for poor roofing services just because there is a sense of urgency. This will not do any good long-term. It will not only cost more but can also result in unnecessary risk.
You’ll want to have one of the best roofing companies in Orlando on your side in order to do the job correctly. Blue Star Roofing, Inc. is able to handle any emergency situation.

You can count on us to provide top-quality craftsmanship and high-quality roofing products. We also promise professionalism and transparency for the services you need. Our top priority is 100% customer satisfaction. And that is what we deliver on every job, every time!

Click HERE to learn about the State of Florida Disaster Relief Programs and if you might qualify.


A picture of a worker with a drilling machine while repairing the roof - A project by Blue Star Roofing Inc. the best roofers in Orlando FL

Many homeowners want to know if it’s possible to replace existing shingles with new ones without having to replace the underlay. The answer is yes. However, this is only a viable option when the roof and the underlay are still in good structural condition. Orlando Roof Inspections can usually determine if this is a suitable solution.

You can only use shingles that are compatible depending on the re-roofing conditions. You cannot mix materials, such as shingles installed over slate or wood tiles.
Re-roofing is the process of replacing shingles or other materials. To remove an old roof and install a new one, you’ll need a roof replacement. A roofer must consider several factors before completing a re-roof.

Blue Star Roofing, Inc. is the best roofing company for recommending a re-roofing over a roof replacement. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality roofing services, regardless of which you need. Our FINANCING options offer affordable payment plans.

Re-roofing can be cheaper, quicker, and more convenient than roof replacement. However, it is limited and cannot be done in all circumstances.

If your roof is near the end of its life but the underlying elements, and sheathing board, are in good condition, a re-roof can be a more affordable option.

In some cases, re-roofing is NOT an option.
Before hiring any roof contractors, it is important they inspect the roof thoroughly. Your roof inspector will assess whether the roof is suitable for a replacement or a re-roof.
You will also receive a report that will note whether your roof is in suitable condition for a re-roof.


Are you interested in our affordable roofing repair services in Orlando? Call us today for a free estimate, without obligation!

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We also offer professional roof inspections for homeowners, sellers and buyers.

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Blue Star Roofing Inc. is GAF master elite factory certified in Orlando FL
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